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Malay Reserve Land For Sale - Tanah Rezab Melayu Untuk DiJual

Malay Reserve Land For Sale

Lot No. : 110
Exact Location : Bukit Terabak
Town : Kupang
District : Baling, Kedah.
Area : 2324.80 Square Meters
Mukim : Kupang
Land is located next to the trunk road between Kuala Ketil and Baling, at the edge of Kupang Town towards Baling. Originally a Padi plot but was filled up to the level of the main road 30 years ago.
Land suitable for :
Hawkers Centre
Asking Price : RM400,000.00

Contact : Mohd. Khairi Wahab
Handphone Number : 016-6149822
email address : magicmaxcarry@gmail.com

Tanah Rezab Melayu Untuk DiJual

No. Lot : 110
Lokasi tepat : Bukit Terabak
Pekan : Kupang
Daerah : Baling
Luas : 2324.80 Meter Persegi
Mukim : Kupang
Tanah terletak ditepi jalan Kuala Ketil-Baling, di pinggir pekan Kupang menghala keBaling. Asal tanah bendang tetapi telah ditimbus tanah hingga keparas jalan raya.
Tanah sesuai untuk :
Rumah Kedai
Gerai Makan
Harga : RM400,000.00

Contact : Mohd. Khairi Wahab
Nombor Handphone : 016-6149822
Alamat email : magicmaxcarry@gmail.com

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